Hey sorry I haven’t posted for a long time! I’m going to post right now when I figure out where I left off.

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I think I should’ve been born right after the depression, when families were brought closer and every neighbor was nice to one another. The other day at Taco Bell (while they were doing their $2 dollar meal deal) a friend and I were sitting down and an older fellow came up and offered me his bag of Doritos. Just said he didn’t want them, the taco was enough. The bag was unopened, but for a split second, the both of us were so weirded out by this gesture! He was just an older fellow, maybe the sodium was too high. Who knows? Either way, after I thought about it, why did I even second guess an UNOPENED bag of doritos from an old man who’s just trying to help us out and not waste the food?! Also, where are all the people that do these gestures daily? When people weren’t selfish and helping your neighbor was not a thing of the past. Why did these times fail? Because of a few dishonest people?

Well, I wish I could go back in time. Or at least find a small city that’s full of nice people.

Anyways, sorry I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve been busy and things have been kind of hectic, plus! I have friends now(;

Work is going great, car is running great, friends are amazing. Maybe I’ll have more time to post a more in-depth blog.

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