Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I was busy! So, I will post this afternoon, so look forward to that.

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Sorry I haven’t posted.. and no I haven’t weighed myself since my last post.. I’ve been just way too busy.

Since i last updated you all, I took on a 3rd job, yes, a 3rd job. Not too bad considering one is just on Saturdays from 11-5 with my mom. But the other 2 are kind of kicking my ass

Mon-Fri 8-5, my normal day job; Mon-Sun 6pm-12am(give or take depends on what time i leave my house) at my buddys tattoo shop as the assistant shop manager. He needed the extra help, I needed the money. To top that all off, Monkey is in pre k and now getting home work assignments and famly projects, so before I go to the tattoo shop we sit down and study and do homework while Fur makes Monkey and Baby Panda dinner. I’m really freakin tired. And forget how I’ve been eating! I don’t even want to talk about it, but last night Fur looked at me wrapped his arms around me… and GRABBED MY DONUT(spare tire, jelly roll, stomach fat, i like donut, its funnier; lol) and then sweetly said “Hunny you are losing weight!” gee thanks there buddy!

I get paid today at the shop, I think idk i’m too tired to even care at this moment. I’m waiting for 5:00 to hit so i can haul ass out of here today, the big boss has been on a rampage since 8:45 this morning and i’, just ready to gtfo!

well i’ll keep you posted,


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