Hey gang. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I recently had a very, very, very, minor, very, very, very, mild heart attack. I know…it doesn’t matter how many very-verys you put in front of it, it’s still a heart attack. My doctors agree that it was very mild and I am very lucky. I had a blockage in an artery in the posterior section of the heart and any damage is totally fixable and they have every confidence that if I follow their program, my heart will be 100% healed. They went in with a catheter, found the blockage, inserted a stent and that was it.It seems that was the cause of my soreness in my chest. I look at the bright side and think that after 25 years of smoking…It could have been much worse. This is my 43 year old wake-up call (as my Cardiologist put it). I need to start eating betting (Not like a 20 year old college student), lose some weight and start getting some exercise.BTW: The doctors were exstatic that I had quit smoking and assure me that my breathing and lungs are in fine shape. I assured them that this episode just reassures my effort to never take another puff. Now get off the sofa, eat an apple and get going! ‘:D’

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