I don’t even want to get started with oh im so sorry i haven’t posted here blabla. I realized its just a blog and im doing it for my own fun (so if i have time then i will update more etc). Anyway.. i think ill start with saying im in such stress. Its pretty serious, im having terrible pains in my chest, strangest appetites (yesterday I was eating icecream with pepperoni & tuna – that’s seriously wtf??), I don’t have any energy to do stuff (feeling exhausted all the time and just wanting to sleep), I used to be a happy and smiley person – I haven’t felt like that for god knows how long plus the list goes on. Im not writing this to get some sympathy or anything like it, but just talking (writing at moment) helps me feel bit better. Im thinking about going to see a doctor about it, maybe there is something they can do to help me! That’s all im talking about it now (and no I don’t want to talk about the cause of my stress).
In a bit happier note, its amazing weather outside (+28 degrees and rising). Tomorrow & day after tomorrow, im having days off (I could use more of those to be honest). Lets hope it will be sunny so I could maybe sunbath & wash my car finally (its been dirty since.. winter, so you could imagine how awful it might look).

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